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A Multicutltureal Play Reading Series

Perspectives: A Multicultural Play Reading Series is an official program of Reno Little Theater. Perspectives seeks to present readings of thoughtful plays that explore culturally relevant themes and give voice to diverse stories. The Perspectives Play Reading Series productions are free with donations accepted. Donations will support the playwright, artists, and Reno Little Theater. 


Sons of Maui

by Lee Cataluna
directed by Abraham Vasquez

Postponed until July.
Additional details to come soon.
Free event
Donations accepted at the door. 

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Maui, the Polynesian demi-god and trickster, is alive and well in contemporary Maui, but unable to find much use for his powers in the modern world. His sons vie for his attention, but find him always just out of reach. The mothers of his sons come to realize that they are actually the superheroes in their children's lives. The characters hold on to what remains of their culture on an island overbuilt with strip-malls and fast food restaurants. It is also a story about a very complicated family situation and people who struggle to find their own definition of aloha.

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