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Broadway Our Way

Broadway Our Way is a 12-week intensive program for more experienced actors that culminates in a full-scale production of a play or musical.

Fall 2023

'Twas the Week After Christmas

December 8-10

Ages 7-12

Directed by LaRonda Etheridge



A hilarious and heartwarming musical about what happens when the North Pole loses the Christmas Spirit. It’s been years since the Elves and Reindeer have gotten along. The Reindeer egos are high and Elves’ productivity is low. Will a week of vacation help remind the Elves and Reindeer what Christmas is all about.

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Winter 2024

Generation Pan
by Jesse Atkin

Mar 8-17

Age 11-18

Ever wonder what happened in Neverland after the Darlings left?  A lot, apparently, as told in this contemporary sequel to Peter Pan that resonates with deep relevance for today’s teens. It’s a new millennium and there’s a new group of lost kids — Lost Cubs, they’re called — living at Neverland.  Reese Austen is the newest arrival to Neverland, and she discovers that the Lost Cubs are running low on both hope and fairy dust.  It seems that fairies are extinct, so fairy dust and the magic it holds is in critically short supply.

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Spring 2024

Disney's High School Musical 2 Jr.

Book by David Simpatico

Music adapted and arranged by Bryan Louiselle

May 24-June 2

Age 13-18

Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats finish junior year and blast onto the summer scene in Disney’s High School Musical 2 JR. At the Lava Springs Country Club, popular girl, Sharpay, reigns supreme while the Wildcats get to work — literally! East High favorites face the realities of the adult world and begin to grow up. Friendships are tested, summer romances go haywire and the meaning of success is redefined.

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