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High School Musical 2 Jr.

Book by David Simpatico

Based on the Disney Channel Original Movie Screenplay by Peter Barsocchini

Songs by Matthew Gerrad & Robbie Nevil, David N. Lawrence & Faye Greenberg, Randy Petersen & Kevin Quinn, Jamie Houston, Bryan Louiselle, Andy Dodd & Adam Watts

Music adapted, arranged, and produced by Bryan Louiselle


May 24, 25, 31, & June 1 @ 7:00pm
May 26, June 2 @ 2pm

Directed, Music Directed, and Choreographed by: Tara Rispin

Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats finish junior year and blast onto the summer scene in Disney’s High School Musical 2 JR. At the Lava Springs Country Club, popular girl, Sharpay, reigns supreme while the Wildcats get to work — literally! East High favorites face the realities of the adult world and begin to grow up. Friendships are tested, summer romances go haywire and the meaning of success is redefined.


Henry Schambari as Troy Bolton

Reno Biondi as Chad Danforth

Bryce Hurley as Zeke Baylor

Arvin Motamed as Jack Scott

Sophia Villegas as Gabriella Montez

Molly Raymond as Taylor McKessie

Charlie Schambari as Martha Cox

Reese Hughes as Kelsi Nielsen

Olivia Pace as Sharpay Evans

Jaxon Elliot as Ryan Evans

Story Gaudard as Blossom (Sharpette)

Madison Taylor as Violet (Sharpette)

Lily Thompson as Peaches (Sharpette)

Ava Lee as Lily (Sharpette)

Iris Stege as Fulton

Elise Brown as Ensemble

Eli Espinosa as Ensemble

Becca Goldenberg as Ensemble

Cora Griffin as Ensemble

Jasa Madden as Ensemble

Olive Murphy as Ensemble

Harper Stillman as Ensemble

Chase Taylor as Ensemble


Stage Manager: Melina Frogget

Assistant Stage Managers: Taelyn Grace & Madisyn Convington

Assistant Music Director: Elle Vaughn

Assistant Choreographer: La Ronda Etheridge

Production Manager & Scenic, Lighting, Sound Design: Oliver Bream

Sound Engineer: Colton Broduer

Costumes & Props: LaRonda Etheridge

“High School Musical 2 Jr.” is presented through special arrangement with Music Theater International (MTI). All authorized performance material are also supplied by MTI.

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