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89th Mainstage Season

Check out our upcoming 89th Season Mainstage Productions!

If you are a current season subscriber, we will be in contact with you soon to renew your season subscription if you so choose. 

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A Facility for Living

By Katie Forgette

September 22 - October 15

Joe Taylor, a retired actor, moves into a prison-turned-elder-care facility shortly after the demise of Medicare and the election of Dick Cheney to President.  There he discovers a community of loveable, irascible inmates hell-bent on bucking the dehumanizing system in which they have landed. Together, this band of aging misfits rediscovers purpose and dignity in the face of a system mightily stacked against them. A delightful comedy with bite from Katie Forgette, that dares to confront the issue of aging in America.

November 10 - December 17

It's a Wonderful Life - A Live Radio Play is a twist on the classic holiday movie. Set in a radio studio in the 1940s, we meet an actor who plays: George Bailey, a man who's always wanted to leave his small town for bigger and better things. But you know the story - when a financial crisis hits and he contemplates suicide, an angel shows him what the world would be like without him. Chaos ensues as George tries to set things right, with the help of his friends and family. But with the sound effects team in the radio station adding their own unique touch, things don't always go as planned.


January 19- February 11, 2024

While the Lights Were Out is a delightful evening of mayhem and murder. A breathtaking comedy, full of laughter, surprises, and enough suspense to keep your audience on their toes. Lord Clive and Lady Monica Wickenham are hosting a dinner party that turns sour. A thunderstorm! The lights go out! An agonized voice! A pistol shot! The lights come up! The detective examines the body and announces, "He's been strangled!" The question on everyone's mind: What happened while the lights were out? Every clue is a lulu and the plot twists furiously.

The Quality of Life

By Jane Anderson 

April 12-28, 2024

From award-winning writer Jane Anderson comes this "magnetic work of theater" (The San Francisco Chronicle) filled with compassion and humor. Dinah and Bill, a devout, church-going couple from the Midwest are struggling to keep their lives intact after the loss of their daughter. Dinah is compelled to reconnect with her left-leaning cousins in Northern California who're going through their own trials. Jeannette and Neil have lost their home to a wildfire and Neil has cancer. However they seem to have accepted their situation with astounding good humor, living in a yurt on their burn site and celebrating life with hits of pot and glasses of good red wine. The couples clash over their beliefs about life, death, and religion, but do so with a healthy dose of humor and heart leading to some hilarious and poignant moments.


The SpongeBob Musical

By Kyle Jarrow and Tina Landau

July 12 - August 11, 2024

The Spongebob Musical is a wacky and energetic stage production that follows the beloved yellow sponge and his friends in Bikini Bottom as they try to save their underwater home from impending doom. The crisis is caused by a volcano that is about to erupt and destroy everything in its path. SpongeBob, along with his best friend Patrick, Sandy the squirrel, and other quirky characters, embark on a hilarious and sometimes surreal adventure to find a way to stop the eruption and save their town. Along the way, they encounter obstacles, unexpected allies, and even a few musical numbers that will have you tapping your feet and laughing out loud. With colorful sets and costumes, catchy tunes, and plenty of silliness, "SpongeBob the Musical" is a must-see for fans of the animated series and anyone who loves a good laugh.

Refunds & Exchanges

Ticket purchases are non-refundable. Ticket exchanges are not guaranteed, there is a $3/ticket fee.

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