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Rock of Ages: Youth Edition

By Chris D'Arienzo

Arrangements and Orchestrations by Ethan Popp

Music by a bunch of sweet 80's bands


May 19, 20, 26 @ 7:00pm
May 21, 27 @ 2pm

Directed by: Tara Rispin

Set on L.A.'s famous Sunset Strip in 1987, Rock of Ages tells the story of Drew, a city boy from South Detroit, and Sherrie, a small-town girl, who have both travelled to L.A. to chase their dreams of making it big and falling in love. This classic love story is set against the troubles at the Dupree Room, a “legendary temple of rock 'n' roll excellence” under threat by developers of being torn down and replaced with a strip mall. The threats of closure bring legendary rocker Stacee Jaxx to town, and an opportunity for Drew to chase his dream to rock out with the best.

Trouble brews as Drew abandons Sherrie for his dream of stardom, rock 'n' roll bad boy Stacee lures Sherrie away, and the Dupree Room is surrendered to developers. Can Drew and Sherrie rescue their love? And can the Dupree Room be saved before it's too late?


Story Gaudard as Lonny Barnett

Reno Biondi as Drew Boley

Henry Schambari as Dennis Dupree 

Maddie Taylor as Sherrie Christian

Olivia Pace as Regina

Maddie Crews as Hilda Klinemann

Chase Taylor as Franz Klinemann

Bryce Hurley as Stacee Jaxx

Molly Raymond as Justice Charlier/Ensemble

Jaxon Elliot as Ja’Keith Gill/Ensemble

Harper Stillman as Constance Sack/Ensemble

Amelia Murphy as Mayor/Ensemble

Ava Lee as Mother/Ensemble/Sherrie US/Regina US

Arvin Motamed as Father/Ensemble/Male US

Sidonie Williams as Waitress #1

Reese Hughes as Waitress #2

Eleanor Bryant as Waitress #3

Natalia Pace as Protestor #1/Ensemble

Emery Gamble as Protestor #2/Ensemble

Diggory Mardock as Protestor #3/Ensemble

Jasa Madden as Motorin’ Featured/Ensemble

Simone Stephenson as Motorin’ Featured/Ensemble

Iris Stege as Motorin’ Quartet/Ensemble

Becca Goldenberg as Motorin’ Quartet/Ensemble

Charlie Schambari as Waiting For A Girl Like You Soloist/Ensemble/Justice US/Hilda US

Miyoung Barash as Waiting For A Girl Like You Soloist/Ensemble

Sydney Mahon as Waiting For A Girl Like You Soloist/Ensemble

Elise Brown as Waiting For A Girl Like You Soloist/Ensemble

Waiting For A Girl Like You Soloist/Ensemble TBD

Benjamin Dakin as Ensemble

Cora Griffin as Ensemble

Calvin Mayheu as Ensemble 

Wyatt Neace as Ensemble 

Layla Reed as Ensemble 


Stage Manager: Audra McCarroll

Assistant Stage Managers: Sasha Zelenin & Carleigh Small

Scenic, Lighting, Sound Design: Oliver Bream

Costumes & Props: LaRonda Etheridge

"Rock of Ages: Youth Edition" is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

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