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North Woods Nonsense

By Andrew Ross


November 11, 12, 18, 19 @ 7:00pm
November 13, 20 @ 2pm


The students of Broadway Our Way are proud to present North Woods Nonsense by Andrew Ross.

Directed by: LaRonda Etheridge

North Woods Nonsense centers around a run-down hotel at Moose Bottom Lake in northern Maine. Handyman Pete has written a completely fictional article for the tacky tabloid “The National Divulger” about Bigfoot kidnapping a local resident.  Did we mention the story is complete fiction?  Nevertheless, the rumored sighting of Sasquatch provides the perfect excuse for Birch and Pine, assistants to the worst congressman in history, to suggest a trip to the senator.  They have spent their careers trying to hide the inept congressman so he won’t speak in public and divulge his ludicrous ideas, such as turning the Grand Canyon into a giant lake!  But with reporters hot on the congressman’s trail and lunatic guests pursuing Bigfoot, you can imagine the zany fun that converges at the hotel...  especially when Pete decides the guests really should get a chance to see Bigfoot!


Jasa Madden as Holly Hauk

Simone Stephenson as Grace Granite

Madison Taylor as Miss Birch

Wyatt Neace as Mr. Pine

Maddie Crews as Mary Granola

Aaron Kirkpatrick as Mr. Pike

Layla Reed as Mrs. Pike

Reese Hughes as Carrie Granola

Chase Taylor as Pete

Jaxon Elliott as Congressman Oakley

Arvin Motamed as Barry Busch

Emery Gamble as Reporter 1

Layla Keshmiri as Reporter 2

Eleanor Bryant as Reporter 3

Rebecca Goldenberg as Reporter 4

Delaney Rosenbloom as Reporter 5

Amelia Murphy as Guest 1

Mia Pendola as Guest 2

Jianna Small as Guest 3

Isabel Ortega as Guest 4

Sydney Mahon as Guest 5

Lucy Hart as Agent in Black


Stage Manager: Sasha Timoshina

Assistant Stage Manager: Carleigh Small

Scenic & Sound Design: Oliver Bream

Lighting Design: Benjamin Browder

Costumes & Props: LaRonda Etheridge

Produced in arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado. 

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